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Indiana Municipal Power Agency

The Town of Centerville is a member of the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) and has some of the lowest electric rates in the state. The town is always aware of the need for high quality service with the lowest rates possible.  Click to access IMPA’s Energy Efficiency Program.

Recent Annexations

The Town of Centerville annexed the area to the north side of Interstate 70; therefore allowing the town to purchase the electric service to that area. This not only benefits the town, but is a help to businesses in that area to keep their costs as low as possible.

Monthly Rates

Monthly rates are figured on kilowatt hour (Kwh). Consider signing up for online bill pay through your local bank.

Residential Rates Residential Rural Residential
Consumer Charge: $7.50 per month $12.50 per month
Energy Charge (per KWH)
First 300 KWHs $0.1340 $0.1340
Over 300 KWHs $0.0939 $0.0939
Commercial Rates Commercial Rural Commercial
Consumer Charge: $10.00 per month $15.00 per month
Energy Charge (per KWH)
First 1,000 KWHs $0.1400 $0.1400
Over 1,000 KWHs $0.0985 $0.0985
Industrial Rates Power
Consumer Charge: $50.00 per month
Energy Charge (per KWH)
First 2,500 KWHs $0.1475
Over 2,500 KWHs $0.0980
Energy Cost Adjustment Tracking Charge (changes quarterly)
ECA Factor (per KWH) $(0.002492)


Energy Monitor – available soon for checkout at the Centerville Abington Township Library, Centerville, IN.  Plug-In Energy Monitor