Water Project: Until further notice you may notice your water being discolored, but we don't anticipate any service disruptions.



The Town of Centerville provides wastewater treatment for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the town limits and some others by approval of the town council.

Wastewater Billing

Wastewater is billed on a monthly basis. Bills are received on the first day of the month and due by the 15th. Penalties are added after the 15th day.

Metered Rates

Monthly rates are figured on the number of gallons of water coming into the structure. With the average 5/8 inch size water meter, a base fee of $17.20 plus a flow charge of $0.0086 is charged. For larger meters, a different base fee would apply.

Sewer Rates

5/8″ 19.80
3/4″ 19.80
1″ 43.39
1 1/4″ 67.05
1 1/2″ 95.31
2″ 161.40
3″ 365.97
4″ 633.44
6″ 1426.66
Treatment charge 9.90 / 1000 gallons


Un-metered Rates

Un-metered residential single family users are figured on an average usage of 4,890 gallons at a flat rate of $68.20 per month.